Finding a mentor is one of the things that most people have trouble with. After all, it can be difficult to know where to meet them in the first place or find out about them. However, you don’t just have to discover your mentor from television or their famous book. Here are various ways you wouldn’t expect:




You probably weren’t thinking of finding your mentor while on vacation. Instead, you might have umbrella drinks and a sunny beach in mind. But realize that your mentor needs a break, too. If you overhear some interesting conversation, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and meet new people at your hotel.




If you are imagining that you will magically walk into a tall office building and march up to the top floor of your mentor’s office, then you might try thinking again. If you want to bypass gatekeepers, seminars are great. You can be in the same room with your mentor and connect right away on the subject that both of you are there to learn about.




Golfing is not just for taking out your current clients or friends. If you are aware of your surroundings, you could find your mentor out golfing. Just be sure to dress your best at all times to make a great impression off the bat.


Doing Your Hobby


Instead of looking at your career path and trying to find a mentor that way, look at your passions. Out of the people who are in your industry, there is bound to be a mentor that shares the same passions as you. Collaborating on a hobby project could be the ice breaker you need.




Your mentor could be in a different country right now. They might even speak another language. Traveling can open up your world in many ways. And if you are lucky, you could just find your mentor in a new location. You will never know if you don’t try it.


When it comes to getting the most out of your career, you need a mentor. However, you need the right strategy or you could miss out on the opportunity to find them in the first place. The unexpected places above could be just what you need to find your true mentor and enjoy that relationship forever.