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Alvin Hope Johnson has dedicated his life to helping others within his professional and personal community. Now a John Maxwell certified public speaker, Alvin is taking his message to a community near you.

Alvin Hope Johnson is the President of the affordable housing non-profit, Hope Housing Foundation. He also manages Assertive Management Group, LLC., the foundation’s privately owned property management firm, as well as Empowered Services of Texas, the General Contracting firm used for all of the Foundations renovation projects. All three businesses are located near Dallas, Texas. Coming from humble beginnings, Alvin has grown his success from the ground up, and truly values the roles that mentors and other leaders have played throughout his career. Alvin knows that the best way to teach someone a skill is to inspire them. For this reason, Alvin Hope Johnson has expanded upon his career to become a speaker. He hopes to inspire others to follow in his footsteps and reach their full potential as well.

Alvin Hope Johnson began seeking entrepreneurial type opportunities and found himself responding to various handyman job ads just to make ends meet and to put food on the table. The skills that Alvin learned along the way would help to shape his life forever. After picking up a paint brush and tool kit and going door to door offering painting assistance and simple repairs, he then made his way into the real estate industry and truly made his mark.

One opportunity led to the next and Alvin continued to grow his skillset. He grew his personal business so successfully that he was able to put together a team and build a construction agency. The group offered services from home repairs to development opportunities. Through Alvin Hope Johnson’s training and connections and the need to provide financing to their clients, his interests grew within the mortgage sector of real estate. He served as CEO for Wholesale Lending Exchange, Inc, Near Town and Associates, and ADJ Mortgage, LLC all within the Texas market before ultimately taking on Hope Housing Foundation.

All of these experiences have led Alvin to understand the intricate nature of the real estate business and of building your own investments. To help others grow their success, Alvin has been training as a speaker to spread his tips and advice. Alvin is a proud John Maxwell program participant, having recently received his certification. One of the aspects of Alvin Hope Johnson’s career that separates him from other speakers and leaders is that he is incredibly dedicated to being on the site of his projects and getting to know everyone involved. Making these small connections and showcasing a trusting and devoted relationship is one of the skills that Alvin hopes to see others pick up through his speaking, as it helped him grow his portfolio from virtually nothing. One of the mantras that guide this thought process is, “Everyone communicates but few people connect,” a favorite quote of his by John Maxwell.

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